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At HMS Stables we take great pride in the care of our horses

Board includes:

Daily turnout (weather permitting)
High quality feed 3x a day including electrolytes
Ample amounts of hay
Blanketing in the winter months
Grooming and bathing
Use of HMS saddle pads and towels
Basic supplies such as fly spray and Show Sheen
Scheduling for the farrier and vet
Mane care and basic clipping



The Real Difference is in the Training

What we at HMS have learned over the years is that there is a difference between "coaching" and "training". Coaching is very necessary for horses and riders to perform in the ring.  Training, however, starts in the stall, the barn aisle, the tack room. We believe in covering all aspects of the sport. We strive to create riders who know and understand the horse from the stall to the ring.  The result? Riders and horses that are calm, confident, and secure that easily walk into the ring and win.  

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